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At LB Swag we do our best to bring you quality products and exceed your expectations for what a locally run shop can accomplish in person and online. Below are some people who took a moment to leave us a review based off their experiences with us. We'd love to hear from you too.


Here are a few reviews some lovely human beings have left us:

Wonderful experience!! If other families are like mine, we take great pride in our LB community! This is a very "special to Long Beach" store! From the minute we walked in, we felt the love! Local, hard-working vendors making very precious gifts! Check it out.
Jennifer from Yelp

Came in and got some gear for the first time. Good stuff. Small retail shop right on 2nd St. off of Glendora next to Dogz. They carry t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, coasters, handmade soaps and more. Cool spot to check out for all ages. Makes for a great gift, souvenir, or personal shopping items. Everything inside is made by local business owners around the LBC.
Grecia from Yelp

If you love LBC stop by and buy some swag. I picked up a new summer hat and came back to buy a few gifts for the out of town fam. Prices are kinda high but expected, hat $28... all good quality products so it's worth it.
Erin from Yelp

Annie was very nice and helpful staff. Very friendly. Great location. What's nice is they carry their own brand which is LB Swag and a lot of local shop's products also. They have Run LBC gear. You wanna rep da lb come get your swag gear here... very nice place. Was looking at the soaps they had here. Smelled very good. I like the shirt they have rep'n 2nd Street and Belmont Shore.
Junior from Yelp

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Some of the best locally designed t-shirts, sweatshirts, beach towels, men’s and women’s apparel, and local artists on display. Awesome cutting edge graphic design from world renowned local artists. I love shopping here great for Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day... any day! When I want to make my girlfriend happy I buy her a gift from LB Swag.
Nick from Google Reviews

If you want to be legit cool (I'm a mom of 3 teen boys) this is the place to shop!! Great custom made products as well as a variety of products showcasing local artists. Cool vibe and I definitely won cool points with my boys with what I purchased. Would highly recommend!!
Regina from Google Reviews

Very cool store!!! I was on a bird scooter and their designs on the door caught my eye. For someone like myself who struggles with finding proper fitting sizes, their stuff is spot on! Plus their designs are phenomenal! 12/10 recommend to everyone. 👌🏽
Thomas from Google Reviews

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Love this place. Great customer service and nice designer. In love with my terry shirt! I live in Portland but have close family in LB. Will stop by again next time I’m down there.
Cheryl from Facebook Reviews

Wonderful customer service!!! So pleased with my purchase, and the wonderful services they provided!!!
Beth from Facebook Reviews

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